• Minnesota Statutes Section 121A.15 requires children enrolled in a Minnesota school to be immunized against certain diseases, or file a legal medical or conscientious exemption. This form is designed to provide the school with information required by the law.

    A copy of the student's current immunization record must be on file, at school.

    Check now with your family doctor or clinic to see if your child(ren) has all the immunizations required for their age. If the student receives an immunization during the summer months send by mail, fax, or drop off at the school the date (day, month and year) of the shot received. If you have questions or do not have insurance contact the nurse at your child's school for assistance.

    The St. Louis Park School District has joined the growing number of school districts throughout the state of Minnesota who strive for immunization compliance. This allows schools and local clinics working together to see that all students in our district are properly immunized before starting school in the fall. This helps provide barrier free access to immunizations for families without insurance and /or a family clinic. More information can be found at here. Parents may get a legal exemption for medical reasons or conscientiously held beliefs.

    The links below provide detailed information on required immunizations and a form for you to complete and return to your health office.
    Immunization Requirements: English | Spanish | Somali
    Immunization Record Forms: English | Spanish | Somali