School Board Members

  • Nancy Gores Nancy Gores, Chair
    2019-20 Liaison to Districtwide
    Boards & Committees:  Central Clinic Advisory Committee; Intermediate District 287
    Term ends: December 31, 2019

    MaryTomback  Mary Tomback, Vice Chair
     2019-20 Liaison to Susan Lindgren Elementary
     Boards & Committees: City/School Sub Committee; DPAC;  Dollars for Scholars
     Term ends: December 31, 2021

    shot Jim Beneke, Clerk
    2019-20 Liaison to Peter Hobart Elementary
    Boards & Committees: City/School Sub Committee; Lenox Foundation/Senior Program; MSBA Legislative Liaison; Strategic Plan Action Team 
    Term ends: December 31, 2019
    Kenneth Morrison Ken Morrison, Treasurer
    2019-20 Liaison to Aquila Elementary
    Boards & Committees: Athletic Advisory Committee; City/School Sub Committee; Financial Advisory Committee; MSBA Legislative Liasison; Strategic Plan Action Team; Wellness Committee
    Term ends: December 31, 2019

    Anne Casey Anne Casey, Director
    2019-20 Liaison to High School 
    Boards & Committees: AMSD; Community Education Advisory Council; Intermediate District 287; Strategic Plan Core Team
    Term ends: December 31, 2021



    Joe Tatalovich Joe Tatalovich, Director
    2019-20 Liaison to Middle School 
    Boards & Committees: City Planning Commission; Financial Advisory Committee; St. Louis Park Business Council; STEP
    Term ends: December 31, 2019


    Karen Waters Karen Waters, Director
    2019-20 Liaison to Park Spanish Immersion School
    Boards & Committees: Community Education Advisory Council; Strategic Plan Core Team
    Term ends: December 31, 2021

    Astein Osei Astein Osei, Superintendent