Q Comp

  • St. Louis Park Schools Q Comp Program
    St. Louis Park School District is committed to closing opportunity gaps that are manifested in the achievement gap. Of primary importance, is to engage SLP educators in a transformational process leading to improved outcomes for traditionally underserved students. One avenue to support teachers with this work is our Alternative Teacher Professional Pay System (ATPPS-also known as Q Comp). Q Comp was enacted through a bipartisan agreement in the Minnesota Legislature in July 2005. Since then, St. Louis Park Schools has been a participating district.

    The purpose of the Q Comp program is to recruit and retain highly qualified teachers, encourage highly qualified teachers to undertake challenging assignments, support teachers’ roles in improving students’ educational achievement and provide incentives to encourage teachers to improve their knowledge and instructional skills in order to improve student learning. St. Louis Park teachers are observed three times a year or more by Building Instructional Leaders (full time teachers with this additional assignment) or an Equity Coach (full time release teacher) to support individual teachers with professional development goals related to student achievement. These teacher leaders are responsible for facilitating learning team meetings, coaching, conducting observations, mentoring, and researching instructional strategies to help their teacher colleagues meet personal development goals and building site goals for student achievement.

    Why Equity Coaching?
    Equity Coaches support teachers to take risks, build understanding, and change beliefs and actions for student success, in a trusting, supportive environment. Equity Coaches will instruct, provoke, guide, and support SLP staff to achieve mutually agreed upon instructional goals that interrupt historical patterns of inequity. Equity coaches work to build capacity in other educators to develop racial consciousness and embrace new ways of thinking that break down systemic racism so that all students receive an equitable education.

    For more information:
    Ms. Freida Bailey, Principal on Special Assignment
    Phone: 952-928-6062
    Mike Nordean, ATPPS Coordinator
    Phone: 952-928-6250
    Email: nordean.mike@slpschools.org