Curriculum Review Process

  • The Department of Teaching and Learning is responsible for directing, developing, and providing ongoing leadership district-wide on curricular, instructional, assessment, and digital learning functions. In addition, Teaching and Learning is responsible for developing and implementing the short and long range K-12 curricular and school improvement processes, and strategies for the implementation of district and department goals and objectives. This is accomplished through the following process:

    1. Conduct an audit of current teaching practices, program delivery, and student outcomes while recognizing a need for improvement in academics, professional development, alignment of supplemental services.

    2. Organize for change in instruction, interventions, and implementing systems, procedures, and supports that will have the greatest likelihood of leading to full and sustainable implementation.

    3. Build the capacity of educators in the district to strategically and intentionally plan for and ensure student success (professional development, IB, ATTPS, instructional practices, parent involvement, etc.).

    4. Create systems to build understanding of common expectations and common understandings from PK-12 in academic instruction, instructional and supplemental supports (including integration of technology), and rigorous expectations for all students and educators.

    5. Share results with stakeholders and continually solicit input and feedback from those doing the work to inform development of practices and procedures designed to achieve intended outcomes.

    6. Implement a district-wide plan of professional development, systems of support for all learners, and integrated approaches to data-driven decision making to create cohesion.

    7. Engage all stakeholders strategically to foster partnerships and collaborations to maximize support and expertise to support intentional closing of the achievement gap.
    For more information:
    Patrick Duffy, Director of Curriculum & Instruction