Gifted Services for Elementary Students (Grades 2–5)

  • The Gifted Services Program in the Elementary Schools provides a safe environment and engaging curriculum to encourage the development of the varied levels of cognitive, social, emotional and physical development that exist in younger children. Curriculum centers around thematic units in a pull­out classroom format.

    Students with exceptional abilities often need extra intervention and direct instruction in understanding their own emotional response to stress, pressure, changes in schedules, adults who are inaccurate, classmates who need more time, and the speed at which they consume information and energy from the world. The gifted services teachers are keenly aware of the social and emotional muscle building that must take place in the elementary grades for the students to achieve at high levels and find success at the secondary level and beyond. Elements of these necessary lessons are embedded in themed materials, weekly homework tasks, separate lessons, and/or entire theme units. At every turn, students are learning about themselves, building strategies, and finding confidence in understanding their own social and emotional response to life.

    Elementary Services begin in grade 2 following fall identification. Services for identified 2nd grade students begin after Winter Break. Gifted Services for all other grade levels begin following Fall MAP testing.

    Click here for more information about the identification process.