Diving into Social Media

  • Social media gives parents, students, and community members an opportunity to engage in instantaneous communication with one another sharing comments, photos and videos. While the benefits of social media are overwhelming, it is important to also keep in mind the most effective ways to reduce the risk of dangers, discrimination and damaged reputations across platforms.

    By considering the following recommendations one may be able to avoid upsetting a family member, being deleted by a friend, and getting reported from other users across social media networks. By taking a deep breath, temporarily walking away from a platform and consulting a trusted role-model, one increases their chances of developing beneficial relationships with others online when confronted with various situations.

    Before You Engage
    • Think carefully before you post to ensure the content is respectful, appropriate, and professional
    • Ask a trusted individual to review before posting
    • Cite any referenced sources if applicable to posts
    • Research others’ opinions and consider the counterargument when responding to a controversial post
    • Walk away from the electronic technology source being used to gather thoughts before make impulsive and irrational decisions 

    Questions to Consider Before Clicking “Post”
    • Would I want a former, current, or future employer to see this content?
    • How would I feel if my parents or colleagues digested this information?
    • Would anyone find the content in my post to be threatening? If so, how could I change it to be appropriate?
    • What is the best way to respond to this post to lead to a collaborative environment rather than hostile situation?
    • Do I care if this will be permanently available to all audiences throughout the rest of my personal and professional life?
    • How will this help or harm my personal and professional brand?