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     2018 Career Pathway Board
    The role of the St. Louis Park High School Career Pathway Advisory Board is to work cooperatively with school officials to advise, assist and support Academy Programs of Study:
    • Health Sciences
    • Engineering & Technologies
    • Law & Public Policy
    • Business & Marketing
    • Media Arts & Communication

    St. Louis Park High School Career Pathway Advisory Board Members

    • *Dan Albrigth, US Bank
    • Gabriela Borja, Cargill
    • Steve Casey, Martin Williams
    • Jeremiah L. Cherwien, Cherwien Consulting/GFK
    • *Katheryn Cranbrook, State of MN, District Court
    • Sabrina Datt, U of M Student, Psychology/Public Health
    • Sam DiPaola, Honeywell International
    • Sara Ferguson, Saint Mary's University
    • Russell Fraenkel, MN State - IT Center of Excellence
    • Gino Giovanelli, Miles Interactive, St. Thomas University
    • Ann Hayden, University of Minnesota, School of Nursing
    • *Tim Jennissen, Cargill
    • Dr. Firasat Khan, Metro State University
    • Susan Kratz, Univerisy of of Minnesota Academic Health Center Counsel
    • Steve Koering, Chief of St. Louis Park Fire Department
    • Joel Liz-Fonts, nVent
    • *Robb Lowe, Normandale Community College
    • Ken Morrison, Medtronic
    • Steve Parsons, Erik's Bike Shop
    • Steve Pohlen, Benilde St. Margaret
    • Elizabeth Robbins, Versique
    • Carmen Rudin, Multi Cultural Liason
    • Devan Sayles, General Mills
    • Stephen Sullivan, Normandale Community College
    • Julie Sweitzer, University of Minnesota
    • Lisa Trinh, Boston Scientific
    • Nick Vournakis, Carlson Companies
    • Nikki White, Fox Sports News

    HS School/District Members 

    • Abigail Lugo, SLP HS
    • Mark Miller, SLP HS
    • Barb Nelson, SLP HS
    • Martha Ortman, SLP HS
    • Trevor Paulson, SLP HS
    • Sophia Ross, SLP HS
    • Jake Utities, SLP HS
    • *Kara Mueller, CTE Director/Career & College Coordinator
    • *Carrie Jennissen, Career Pathway Advisory Board Facilitator
    • Astein Osei, Superintendent 
    • *Scott Meyers, HS Principal
    * Executive Committee
    Board Members to assist in:
    • Workforce development for educators and students (work readiness skills, internships)
    • Establishing program standards (outcomes, alignment to post-secondary)
    • Curriculum review (update to reflect current industry trends)
    • Connecting students to experiential learning opportunities (field trips, guest speakers, career fair, internships, mentoring, etc. )
    • Building resources (resource list for teacher use)

    Teacher and Member Collaboration 
    Experiential Learning Log for Teachers
    Referral Log