Communicate with the School Board

  • The school board is grateful for the St. Louis Park community members who join together to care about the welfare of all students, their education and future.
    Community members are invited to share ideas and opinions with the school board in the following ways:
    School Board Message Line
    Please call the School Board Message Line at 952-928-6040 with your questions or comments. All school board members will hear your call; one board member will return your call. Please be sure to clearly pronounce your name and provide your phone number.
    Open Forum
    The school board has an Open Forum at the second meeting of each month, beginning at 7 p.m. All school board meetings, unless noted otherwise, are held in room C350 at the High School. Room C350 is located on the third floor of the circle section of the High School.

    Those wishing to speak to the school board are requested to sign-in. Comments are limited to three minutes per person about a topic, not about an individual. Comments of a disrespectful or personal nature directed at an individual by name or inference will not be permitted. Personnel concerns should be directed first to the individual, then to the principal or program director, the assistant superintendent, superintendent and finally, in writing, to the school board.
    Postal Mail and E-mail
    You may also send your questions or comments to the school board in writing via postal mail or e-mail. Postal mail should be directed as follows:
    School Board St. Louis Park Public Schools
    6311 Wayzata Blvd.
    St. Louis Park, MN 55416
    If you would like to e-mail your questions or comments to the School Board, addresses follow. Please note: In order to avoid violation of the state’s open meeting law, the school district e-mail policy prohibits substantive replies to e-mail. Please be assured that board members will read your e-mail message and take your comments into consideration.
    Mary Tomback | Chair |
    Kenneth Morrison |
    Astein Osei | Superintendent | 
    Flower Krutina | Executive Asst. to the Supt. and the School Board |
    Listening Sessions
    The school board will occasionally conduct Listening Sessions where one or two board members will hear your comments and engage in a discussion, as appropriate. Typically, four or more listening sessions are scheduled throughout the school year. The dates, times and locations of upcoming listening sessions are announced at school board meetings and promoted on the school district web page ( Respectful time limits will be set and comments of a disrespectful or personal nature directed at an individual by name or inference will not be permitted.