Entrance & Exit Criteria

  • St. Louis Park Public Schools has a multi-tiered structure of support for students beginning with intentional instruction by the classroom teacher and progressing to more focused intervention, both in increased time and in support. These interventions include small group instruction provided by the classroom teacher on a daily basis, additional small group instruction outside of the literacy block provided by a reading intervention teacher, Title I teacher, ESL Teacher, or trained paraprofessional. Preference is given to early intervention in grades K-2. Additional support is provided in grades 3-5 as described in the district guidelines.

    The initial selection of Title I students will be determined via Assessments. Students identified as needing Title I supplemental assistance should be determined by:
    • Academic performance
    • Standardized tests
    • Class rankings
    • Observations
    • Criterion-referenced tests
    • Recommendations of professional staff
    • Placement and final tests
    • Parent recommendations
    This assessment data (district assessment plan) provides the initial phase of eligibility. Please review and discuss the next steps for each student support in your iTEAM meetings. Once a student has been identified to receive services, make sure to follow Title I protocol and enter information into PowerSchool. If you have questions, please contact:

    St. Louis Park District #283
    Attention: Title Dept.