Identification Process

  • Procedure for identification (Entrance criteria):
    • Analyze collected data for students; use multiple measures (Formative and summative assessments)
    • Complete the annual assessment to rank students based upon priority (according to greatest need for services)
    • The selection criteria should be applied to all students (economically disadvantaged, learning disabled, EL, and immigrant students must be selected on the same basis)
    • Students that have been identified and eligible for Title I services must ensure that parents are informed. (Parent Letter (entrance) & Parent/Teacher compact)
    • Teacher and/or Title I staff will work with students who are identified as 2 grade levels below. (Sites are responsible for monitoring students’ progress and share information with parents)
    • Title I staff and classroom teachers should also align the Title I program closely with the regular program of instruction to reduce any isolation of Title I children from their peers and support closing the achievement gap.