Parent Involvement

  • The St. Louis Park Independent School District #283 and the individual schools recognize the value of parent, guardian, family and community involvement at the building and district level to support and enhance student learning.

    Further, the District and the individual schools recognize that the academic achievement and success of our students depend on the strength of the partnerships developed among students, parents, families, schools and the community.

    The staff in the individual schools support the development, implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive student, parent, family, school and community partnership which is based on the guidelines set forth in the 2001 Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA):NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND (NCLB).

    Multicultural Liaisons
    Our Multicultural Liaisons at St. Louis Parks Schools will work to provide resources and outreach services to families that contribute to school success. They will also advocate for families that are underrepresented to ensure that they understand the learning expectations for student achievement and school policies and procedures.