Projects Included in Referendum

  • Projects included in the referendum are:

    High School

    • High School Offices relocate to District Office space
    • Renovate former High School offices to become classrooms
    • New commons area
    • New Link & Learning Commons/Media Center Renovation
    • Renovate Weight Room/Fitness Center
    • Renovate Locker Rooms
    • 10 Next Century Classrooms
    • New Centralized Kitchen

    Middle School

    • Classroom additions, including Science Labs
    • Expand Cafeteria
    • Expand Main Office and create secure entry
    • New Performing Arts Space and Orchestra Room
    • Renovate Media Center
    • 10 Next Century Classrooms
    • Update Kitchen

    Elementary Schools

    • Remodel Cedar Manor for Park Spanish Immersion School
    • Peter Hobart Elementary School Secure Entrance
    • Air Conditioning in all schools
    • Update furniture in all elementary schools
    • Update kitchens

    Early Childhood & Central Community Center

    • Remodel Park Spanish Immersion School space for new Early Childhood Center
    • Create new Early Childhood Center secure entry and parking
    • Relocate District Office
    • Relocate Transition Plus
    • Remodel space for Adult Options
    • Maintain Central Clinic
    • Maintain Gymnastics Gym
    • Maintain Swimming Pool
    • Update Kitchen

    Districtwide Updates

    • Healthy Meals for All Learners
    • Additional $5 Million in Deferred Maintenance
    • Improve backbone technologyh

    Lenox Community Center

    • Remodeling at the entry to create a sense of welcome to support its community connections role as a hub of adult learning
    • Update learning environments to support diverse users, ages, cultures, etc.
    • Update furniture in remodeled areas
    • Remodel space to support informal gathering -- inside and outside
    • Support health and wellness (e.g. bike racks)
    • Upgrade restrooms
    • Refresh Terrazzo floors
    • Continue modernization of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning