Benefits of Next Century Learning

  • Grounded in our mission, St. Louis Park Public Schools is focused on every student’s ability to learn necessary knowledge and skills. We enhance the spirit of learners and adults by framing learning opportunities that are meaningful, culturally relevant, rigorous, and aligned with our Core Values. The upcoming referendum will create new learning spaces to expand and enhance the education for our students to fulfill our Mission.

    Alongside our community, we share a common vision for academic excellence and creating flexible and dynamic learning environments for all learners from early childhood through adults. When we invest in our schools, we invest in the future of education in meaningful ways. With new learning spaces, class sizes and class structures can be more flexible and determined by the learning outcome rather than the physical space. Students will have access to new learning resources that provide engaging and challenging experiences. In addition, our community will have better access to district resources for lifelong learning. Teachers and leaders will have access that supports rich, rigorous instruction aligned to district standards, while also addressing individual learning styles.

    Next century learning does not displace the traditional, core learning of reading, writing, and arithmetic, but rather, engages learners in an environment, with relevant tools, technologies, and methodologies to meet the needs of college and career readiness. Providing the right kind of learning spaces is important to college and career preparedness.