• Q: What is the difference between the Operating Levy renewal and the Bond Referendum that will be on the Nov. 7 ballot?
    A: The Operating Levy renewal will support the District’s current level of funding for teachers, classrooms, and programs. The Bond Referendum will allow the District to ease overcrowding at the Middle School and High School, renovate and remodel aging facilities, and create new flexible learning spaces that will allow the District to achieve its strategic plan.

    Q: How could this referendum affect my property taxes?
    A: If both questions on the Nov. 7 ballot pass, a homeowner of a $250,000 home would see an increase of $12 per month on their property taxes. Visit the tax impact calculator on the District website to view your customized tax impact.

    Q: What does the Link and Learning Commons project at the High School involve?
    A: The Link and Learning Commons will be a new flexible space that connects the main entry, dining commons, student services and media center. The space will be a flexible learning environment by day and a community gathering space by night.

    Q: Why will this referendum benefit St. Louis Park community members who do not have school-aged children?
    A: Strong schools equal strong communities and strong property values. This referendum also includes many updates at Lenox Community Center and will increase the number of spaces districtwide in our buildings that can be used by community members after school hours.

    Q: What improvements are included in this referendum for the District’s elementary schools?
    A: In addition to Park Spanish Immersion School moving to an updated Cedar Manor facility, air conditioning will be installed at Peter Hobart, Susan Lindgren and in the Aquila gymnasium. Peter Hobart will also receive a new safe and secure entry.

    Q: How will this referendum bolster arts and athletic programs in the District?
    A: A new Performing Arts Center and Orchestra Room at the Middle School will meet increased demand and support fine arts opportunities. The High School will receive an expanded weight room/fitness center to not only support extra curricular teams, but physical education classes as well. The High School locker rooms will also be updated.

    Q: What is a Central Kitchen and how will all students in the District benefit from it?
    A: The proposed Central Kitchen would mean ALL meals would be prepared in one location (High School) and then transported to the different schools across the District. This proposal will allow the District to provide healthy, made-from-scratch meals for all students districtwide. Individual school kitchens will be updated to receive the made-from-scratch meals in order to serve them to students.

    Q: What projects are included in the deferred maintenance category?
    A: Deferred maintenance projects include locker room updates at the High School, window and wall repairs at all schools, and air conditioning upgrades at the Middle School and High School.