• At times, it may be necessary for a student to take medication during the school day. If school personnel must administer a medication, the following conditions must be met:

    1. Written instructions and authorization from a physician for prescription drugs including dosage and frequency.
    2. Written authorization by parent for both prescription and non-prescription medications.
    3. All medications, prescription and non-prescription, must be in their original containers. Prescription medication containers should include the physician's name and pharmacy.
    4. Medication that is not FDA approved (i.e. homeopathic, vitamins, supplements) will not be administered in school.
    5. Students are only allowed to take medication in school when health office staff administers it.
    6. Medications that are to be taken 3 times a day should be taken before school, after school, and before bed.
    7. Aspirin (including Excedrin) will not be administered without authorization from a physician.
    Exceptions include:
    • Secondary students with asthma are allowed to carry inhalers. Elementary students should keep their inhalers in the health office unless specific written permission to carry the inhaler is received from the physician and the parent/guardian. The student also needs to demonstrate competency in administering.
    • Secondary students may possess and use non-prescription pain relief after a written authorization from the parent/guardian is received in the health office.
    Compliance with the conditions listed above must be renewed each year. The privilege can be revoked if student is abusing the privilege

    Medication to be administered at school is to be kept in the Health Office. Exceptions are students who may carry an asthma inhaler or an epipen, if they have a written doctor’s order and written parental permission to do so, and have demonstrated to the school nurse competency in administration.

    Half Tablets
    Parents are responsible for breaking tablets in half. When there is a physician order to give one-half of a tablet, please talk with your pharmacist.

    Medication Authorization
    Parents/guardians asking school staff to give medications to their child must complete the Medication Authorization Form every school year.

    Medication Authorization Self Administration for Asthma
    For a student to self-administer asthma medication. This form must be completed by the prescribing health professional, along with the Medication Agreement by the student and the parent/guardian.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact your Health Office.