• Students are taught skills needed to promote safety and prevent unintentional injuries. However, injuries requiring first aid can happen in classrooms, on playgrounds, or on athletic fields. Health Services will assess and administer first aid when necessary.

    No student is allowed to leave the building for reason of injury or illness without first reporting to the health offic.

    If necessary the health office will:

    • Contact the parent or guardian or designated emergency contact.
    • Call 911 if a student requires more than first aid. If transported, the student’s family will be financially responsible for the care given.
    • Please update your school office if there are any changes to your emergency contact information.

    Excuses From Participation

    Occasionally, a student may need to be excused from participation in a class due to an injury or medical reason.

    • A parent/guardian may excuse a student from participation in an activity for one day only.
    • If an injury/medical reason requires a student to be excused from participating in physical activity for more than one day (physical education class, recess, etc..), a physician's note is required.