Elementary School Tours

  • To schedule a tour at one of the four elementary schools, visit the corresponding links below:

    Aquila | Park Spanish Immersion | Peter Hobart | Susan Lindgren

    Beginning in the Fall of 2019, each of the four elementary schools will offer parents/guardians the opportunity to tour their neighborhood school and Park Spanish Immersion School. Tours will be provided during the school day to allow parents/guardians full access to the student experience. The tours will provide an opportunity to get a sense of the school environment and have questions answered. 

    During the school tours you will: 

    • Learn about the mission of the school and district
    • Visit classrooms and learn about the curriculum
    • Witness students engaged in learning with their teachers and other students
    • Discuss how technology is integrated throughout the school to support learning
    • Visit shared spaces in the school, including: Media Center, Gymnasium/Cafeteria, Music, Art, Playground, and more
    • Receive information about our safe and nurturing school environment
    • Be introduced to school communications to support the school-to-home connection
    • Hear about the Parent-Teacher Organization at the school, special events and activities to build community, and how you can participate
    • Receive information about before and after school childcare options and enrichment activities