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    Step 1 - College Planning Process

    Deciding where should I apply?

    Applying to college (any post-secondary education) can be a stressful process, but starting early, careful planning, and staying organized will make things much easier. Read and answer each of the following questions to help you decide where you should apply for college.

     Long Term Plans

    • What do you hope to achieve during your years in college? 
    • What courses and non-academic activities are available? Will they help you expand your horizons?
    • What are your career goals? Does the school offer the preparation you will need?


    • How far from home do you want to be?
    • What kind of setting do you want? Rural, suburban, urban, small town, big city

    Size/Student Body

    • What size school appeals to you? What student-to-faculty ratio best suits your style of learning?
    • What kind of people are you hoping to meet in college?
    • Do the cultural or religious groups that are important to you have a welcoming presence on campus?


    • How much money do you have for college? Have a conversation with your parents/guardians about how you will pay for college? What do you know about financial aid?
    • Are scholarships or financial aid policies in place that will make this school affordable?
    • What is the cost of attendance at the colleges you are considering?
    • What kind of campus jobs are available?


    • What percent of students are admitted?
    • What academic criteria does this school see in its strongest applicants?
    • What kind of personal characteristics make for a good fit at this school?
    • Am I applying to schools with a range of selectivity?