• The Career & College Center "Online"  assists students in developing their individualized career and college plans! 

    Students can:

    For all our students: 


    *College is an educational institution providing higher education or specialized professional or vocational training 

    Success in the New Economy: video helps audiences understand that for success in the new economy, students will need applied technical skills, industry-recognized certifications, employability preparation, and rigorous general education preparation.


    A Message to Class of 2021

    Distance learning builds excellent skills for students

    • Persistence
    • Effective Time Management
    • Effective and Appropriate Communication
    • Technical Skills 
    • Reading and Writing Skills
    • Motivation and Independence
    • Stress Management
    • Self Advocacy
    • Displaying honesty, integrity and perseverance

    What the Coronavirus Means for College Admissions and Your Application Process

    Questions &  Concerns? Reach out to your Grade Level Counselor and/or Mrs. Mueller the Career and College Coordinator mueller.kara@slpschools.org

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