Out-of-School Time (OST) Taskforce

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    In preparation for the new school start-end times beginning Fall 2020, the school district is recruiting stakeholders to form a taskforce to create a robust menu of out-of-school time options to meet the overall health, academic and social/developmental needs of all K-5 students and families.

    The taskforce will develop recommendations for out of school time including academic programs, enrichment and recreation opportunities, and childcare options.
    Out-of-school time means academic, enrichment, recreation, and childcare opportunities, before and after school. A recommendation is defined as a menu of various options for staff to consider when developing a program. 
    Expectations for the taskforce
    • members will review extensive research, best practices, and input from stakeholders to inform their work;
    • members will be mindful of the school district and community education budgets and the economic impact to families;
    • members will seek consensus to make one or more recommen-dation(s) to the administration by December 2019; and
    • members are expected to talk about the work during their daily routines, and encourage the engagement, input and feedback of all stakeholders

    Stakeholder Feedback

    The District will seek input and feedback from all stakeholder groups twice during the study:

    • September 2019: General input regarding beliefs on the recommendation topics
    • November 2019: Feedback on proposed recommendations

    Monthly updates will be provided to staff via the internal newsletter, FLOW. Parents and the community will receive updates via presentations at School Board meetings and regular communication channels.

    All taskforce documentation will be posted publicly to the school district website to allow stakeholders to follow the work and stay informed on the progress of the taskforce.

    Meeting Schedule

    Taskforce members will meet four times and be asked to participate in seeking input and feedback from stakeholder groups during the process. The suggested meeting schedule is as follows:

    • August 2019 | Recruit & seek applications
    • Early September | Select taskforce members
    • September 16 | Meeting #1
    • September | General input
    • October 7 | Meeting #2
    • November 4 | Meeting #3
    • November | Feedback on proposed recommendations
    • December 2 | Meeting #4 and recommendation to the administration

    Each meeting will last for a period of three hours: 4:30-7:30 p.m. 

    Taskforce members will serve voluntarily with a sincere THANK YOU from the District and recognition at the completion of the study by the School Board. The District will support the study and all execution from its general budget.

    Membership Requirements

    The taskforce will include 30 members who will be selected by District Administration to represent all stakeholder groups and provide multiple perspectives.

    Identified stakeholder groups include:

    • Grade 5 Students (4; one from each elementary school)
    • Parents (8; two from each elementary school)
    • Teachers (4; one from each elementary school)
    • Kids Place Staff (2)
    • Youth Enrichment (1)
    • Elementary Principals (up to 4)
    • District Administration (3 - Superintendent (co-facilitator), Director of Community Education (administrative support) & Director of Curriculum & Instruction)
    • Other community stakeholders (up to 7)

    The taskforce will be co-facilitated by Irina Fursman, HueLife (consultant to the school district) and the Superintendent.

    We have formed an internal project team to address the needs of Middle School athletics and Grades 7-12 combined athletics, which include: 

    • Fall: boys' and girls' cross country
    • Winter: boys' and girls' Nordic skiing, boys' swimming, gymnastics, and girls' hockey
    • Spring: softball, boys' and girls' golf, synchronized swimming, and boys' lacrosse