OST Team Roster

  • Students: Marco Munoz and Luca DeCamillis

    Parents: Allison DeCamillis, Anne Halverson, Nate Hanson, John Hayes, Christine Johnson, Alicia Kropelnicki, Kelly Ley, Murad Mohammad, Amanda Munoz, Aimee Munson, Athonia Oghagbon, Alex Schmid, Julie Van Guilder, Claire Warren, Tom Westlund and Amelia Zumwalde

    Teachers: Cate McDonald

    Kids Place Staff: Vicky Dotterer and Lisa Proulx

    Youth Enrichment: Kelleen O'Brion and Darrell Young

    Principals: Shelley Nielsen, Corey Maslowski, Clarence Pollock and Kari Schwietering 

    District Staff: Patrick Duffy, Lisa Greene and Anne Madigan

    Community Stakeholders: CeCe Doyle, Erin Nordrum, Kori Shingles, Debbie Wells and Jason West

    Facilitators: Superintendent Astein Osei and District Consultant Irina Fursman

    Administrative Support: Flower Krutina and Megan Jacobson