High School Schedule Taskforce


    St. Louis Park High School’s schedule is currently a seven (7) period day. The purpose of the High School Schedule Task Force is to determine the optimal schedule to meet the academic and social/developmental needs of all high school students while also allowing staff collaboration. This work will include recommendations for staff collaboration time, student intervention and enrichment time, lunches, advisory times, blocks, diploma programs (IB), classes with college credits (AP), etc. 

    Extensive research, best practices and input from stakeholders will inform the work.


    The team has the authority to develop plans and seek consensus to make one or more recommendations to be presented to the schools Superintendent. 


    The District will seek input and feedback from High School stakeholder groups during the Study: 

    • October 2019: General input on the topic
    • November 2019: Feedback on proposed recommendations

    Monthly updates will be provided to staff and parents via the school newsletter. Additionally, staff will be provided updates at monthly staff meetings. Students will receive updates via the school newspaper.

    All Task Force documentation will be posted publicly to the High School website (www.slpschools.org) to allow stakeholders to follow the work and stay informed on the progress of the Task Force.


    Task Force Members will meet in a series of four meetings from September 2019 - December 2019. Each meeting will begin at 3:20pm and last for a period of two hours. Meetings are scheduled at the High School for September 25, November 6, December 11 and January 15. 

    • Meeting 1: Review data and the "Why?"
    • Meeting 2: Share experiences within group; how do we engage them? what is working/not working? best practices, etc. Dig deeper into what to anticipate if we are to change. Center on student and staff experiences.
    • Meeting 3: Idea Generation (scenario reviews and schedule mockups) will be heaviest meeting so space out after meeting 2
    • Meeting 4: Finesse recommendation!

    Team members are encouraged to talk about the work during their daily routines, and encourage the engagement, input and feedback of all stakeholders.


    Task Force members will serve voluntarily with a sincere THANK YOU from the District. The District will support the task force and all execution from its general budget.


    The task force will design what they feel would be best to make a recommendation for a new or affirmed schedule for the high school schedule.  The focus will be on higher level planning from a student learning and collaboration standpoint and will also discuss programs we want to move forward and support (and how they will be impacted). 

    The final recommendation will include:

    • An optimal schedule to meet the academic and social/developmental needs of all high school students
    • Time for staff collaboration
    • Time for student intervention and enrichment
    • Number of lunches 
    • Advisory times and blocks
    • Adjustments to credits for graduation (if needed)
    • Consideration for classes with college credits (AP, IB, Articulated, etc.)