• Momentum







    Momentum is a network of business and industry professionals engaging SLP high school students with their futures! Students explore multiple industries thru experiential activities at large corporations, small businesses and local colleges/universities! It supports students to "build momentum" on their career and college journey!


    Explore = let students see what is "out there"
    Engage = connect and partner with professionals
    Empower = the ultimate goal for our students!

    VOLUNTEER for Momentum! Host a college or career field experience (trip), lead a class on networking or resume development or showcase your job at our Career Expo.  

    Contact:  Carrie Jennissen, cjennissen@gmail.com or Kara Mueller, mueller.kara@slpschools.org 

    Thank you for helping our students "build" MOMENTUM!

    (Created and developed by Career Pathways Advisory Board)


    Career and Technical Education

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