Middle School Out-of-School Time Taskforce


    In alignment with the Strategic Plan, St. Louis Park Public Schools completed a School Start/End Times Study in March of 2019. The School Board voted to change the school start and end times for students beginning in the 2020-21 school year.

    During the 2019-20 school year, several stakeholder groups are planning for the successful implementation of the start times changes in the areas of Elementary Out-of-School Time (childcare and enrichment) and High School Schedule.


    The purpose of this taskforce is to define the structures and systems of academic support and enrichment for all Middle School students and the teacher work day in alignment with the new Middle School day (9:10 a.m.-3:52 p.m.).


    • Extensive research (self and provided), best practices, and input from stakeholders will inform the work.
    • The taskforce will be mindful of the financial impact of changes on the school district budget.
    • The taskforce will seek consensus to make one or more recommendation(s) to the Superintendent.
    • Team members are expected to talk about the work during their daily routines, and encourage the engagement, input and feedback of all stakeholders. 


    The District will seek input and feedback from all stakeholder groups twice during the study:

    • January 2020: General Input
    • February 2020: Feedback on proposed recommendations

    Monthly updates will be provided to staff via the internal newsletter, FLOW. Parents and the community will receive updates via Oriole Times newsletter and presentations at School Board meetings. Regular communications channels.

    All Taskforce documentation will be posted publicly to the school district website (www.slpschools.org) to allow stakeholders to follow the work and stay informed on the progress of the taskforce. 


    Taskforce members will meet in a series of four (4) meetings and be asked to participate in seeking input and feedback from stakeholder groups during the process. 

    • December 18, 2019 | Meeting #1
    • January 21, 2020 | Meeting #2
    • February 19, 2020 | Meeting #3
    • March 18, 2020 | Meeting #4

    Each meeting will last for a period of up to two hours from 2:30-4:30 p.m.

    Taskforce members will serve voluntarily with a sincere THANK YOU from the District and recognition at the completion of the study by the School Board. The District will support the study and all execution from its general budget.


    The Taskforce will include students, parents, teachers, staff and school and district administration. The taskforce will be co-facilitated by Irina Fursman, HueLife (consultant to the school district) and the Superintendent.