Band Handbook

  • Philosophy
    Music is an important and intrinsically-valuable aspect of a well-rounded education. Music has existed in every culture since the dawn of time as a communication and expressive tool. It is a vehicle for creativity and critical thinking. It is goal of the St. Louis Park Music Department to provide all students with a quality, comprehensive and varied musical experience. Our goal is also to achieve excellence in all music studied and performed. Every student graduating from the St. Louis Park High School band program will have had the opportunity to intelligently perform, consume, create and appreciate music of many different genres, cultures and time periods. Students will become better and more well-rounded people through music.

    Course Goals
    1. To build individual and ensemble musicianship
    2. To master basic music theory and aural skills
    3. To enhance music literacy and appreciation through the study of classical and contemporary repertoire
    4. To discuss and manipulate ways to make meaning and emotion in music
    5. To transfer skills learned in band to life

    1. Students must show up to class every day, on time. Be ready to play THREE minutes after the tardy bell.
    2. Students are to have his or her instrument, accompanying equipment, music and a pencil. Failure to have one or more of these items will result in the loss of daily points. A pencil is crucial to mark our music so we do not repeat errors.
    3. Students are to respect themselves, others, and all school property. This means NO food, drink or gum are allowed in the band room (except plain water). Food and gum are choking hazards while playing!
    4. Students are to have a cooperative attitude and give full effort at all times. This includes having good playing posture.