Band Lettering Information

  • All SLPSH Band members have the opportunity to earn a band letter through participation in activities beyond the required course expectations. Students must be a member in good standing in the St. Louis Park Senior High School band program, must abide by MSHSL and District 283 policies and must have been consistently working for the advancement of personal and group excellence. It is the responsibility of each student to keep track of their own points and submit them for approval during the April 15th to May 1st window. This deadline is important so that I have time to verify and calculate the letters and certificates and physically get them. Even if a student has 400 or more points, they ARE NOT guaranteed a letter if they miss the deadline! Students may start accumulating points the first day of the school year, but points DO NOT carry over to next year.  (Exception: if a music camp is attended the summer before the current school year, those points can count toward the current school year. If you pre-register for a future summer camp and show proof, you could count those points toward the next school year.) If you did something that you think deserves letter points and cannot find it on the form, please ask Mr. Schmitz which category it fits best under.

    Proper supportive material (concert programs, photos of students at an event, documentation, forms, copies of solo/ensemble certificates, etc.) must be stapled to this form. If some documentation has been lost, you may get a signature from an adult who knows you completed the task.  In some cases, that adult may be Mr. Schmitz.  A signature is NOT required unless documentation is lost.  400 points are needed to earn a band letter award.  For the first letter earned, students receive a free SLP chenille letter and for subsequent awards in their band career, students will receive a certificate (worth a bar/patch) that can be bought at for about $25.