Local Literacy Plan

  • The Reading Well by Third Grade legislation (MN Statute 120B.12) enacted in 2011 is focused on closing the achievement gap early, and ensuring that all students are reading well by the end of third grade. Each school district in the state is required to develop a Local Literacy Plan. This plan outlines how we will address the needs of all learners in the early grades. It includes information about such things as what instructional practices will be used, what interventions are available for students not yet reading at grade level, how student reading proficiency will be monitored, as well as teacher training and ideas for how families can support their students outside of school.

    We are also required to notify families of student progress at least annually for all students and provide additional information to families of students not yet reading at grade level in kindergarten through third grade.

    Ongoing teacher training to improve reading instruction is also part of the plan. Teachers will receive training on the basic elements of reading development, how to address the needs of diverse learners, and how language development impacts reading proficiency.

    Our current Local Literacy Plan posted on the district website. Teachers and leaders will be working together to outline and revise the quality curriculum, instruction, and assessments that are the foundation for developing comprehensive systems of support for all learners with particular emphasis on Kindergarten and Grade 1.
    Our Reading Well by Third Grade Plan exceeds legislative requirements and provides St. Louis Park stakeholders with a description of our district comprehensive Local Literacy Plan for students in Kindergarten through Grade 5. Our overarching Teaching and Learning goal is to continuously develop, design, and align the district's fundamental processes of curriculum, instruction, intervention, assessment and professional development for the success of ALL learners. This plan is updated periodically to accurately reflect current instructional practices in our elementary schools.

    For more information:
    Astein Osei, Superintendent of Schools
    Phone: 952-928-6001
    Email: osei.astein@slpschools.org