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Transportation Changes for 2022-23

(May 18, 2022) -- As a part of districtwide budget reductions, St. Louis Park Public Schools will be making several changes to student transportation for the 2022-23 school year. Transportation is a vital part of the day for many of our students and families. Reductions in transportation and other non-classroom areas will allow the district to reduce the impact of reductions on classrooms and programs. The transportation changes will result in budget savings of $325,000.

In the coming days, the district will begin to communicate with families who are impacted by these transportation changes. A summary of the changes is included below:

  • Expanded no bus zones for students residing in St. Louis Park, including the establishment of a no bus zone for Park Spanish Immersion Elementary School.
  • Condensed bus stops for secondary students.
  • Expanded no bus zones for students who open enroll from Minneapolis.
  • New elementary school boundaries for Minneapolis students.
  • High school students and families will be asked to opt-in for transportation.

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