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Enrichment Programming

At St. Louis Park Public Schools, we want every student to access academic experiences that support the development and deepening of their brilliance. Enrichment provides students with the opportunity to be challenged, expand their perspectives and skills, and grow as learners and critical thinkers. Over the span of their school careers, students will engage in multiple forms of enrichment across their classes and coursework in St. Louis Park Public Schools. 

Beginning in 2021, we made changes to the enrichment programming to significantly expand programming and access for all students in all grade-levels. We hold a belief that each student has untapped brilliance that can be fostered through gifted education. We have shifted from a focus on remediation to a focus on acceleration, as we believe this is what is needed to develop students' talents, skills and cognitive ability to engage at their highest levels. Thus, we replaced all pull-out remedial math and reading intervention programs with research-based enrichment programs, co-teaching, and coaching at the elementary level, as well as discontinued all pull-out remedial math and reading intervention programs at the secondary level.

K-12 Enrichment Highlights

  • St. Louis Park Public Schools has a robust enrichment programs K-12.
  • We provide gifted and talented programing 120 minutes a week to every K-5 student through STEAM (Science, Technology, Education and Human Development, the Arts, and Math) programming. We have eight fulltime enrichment teachers. Prior to our enrichment programming changes, a small portion of students received only 40 minutes of gifted programming per week. 
  • We offer more than 40 Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) and Concurrent College courses at the high school, significantly more than most Minnesota school districts.