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    A place for students, families, and community members to access resources for career and college "post-high school education" planning

    It is a team effort at St. Louis Park High School supporting all students with their Career & College journey   Administrators - Career & College Readiness Coordinator - Grade Level Counselors - Teachers - Park Connection Advisors - Community liaisons “Career Pathway Advisory Board”....

    Career readiness is the process of preparing students with the essential skills they need to find, acquire, maintain, and grow within a job.

    Career exploration involves the active relationship between self-exploration and exploration of the world of work; leading to a sense of occupational self-identity and a satisfying occupational choice.

    College is any education after high school that leads to a credential needed to meet their occupational goal(s). Examples: apprenticeships, technical and community colleges,  two and four year colleges and universities.......

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