• Introducing Student Opportunities!


    • Trades Ambassador Experience (all grade levels) 
    • Genesys Works Internship Program (Juniors Only)

     TA Trade Ambassadors are hard workers, community creators and authentic advocates for a preferred career path in the trades.

     Our Ambassadors have opportunties to: learn about great careers, start a job or training program and receive swag and a $500 grant.  

    Trade Experience Details

    No Application Required! 

    Questions about becoming a TA, contact Kara Mueller, Career & College Coordinator - mueller.kara@slpschools.org

    Our school partners with Genesys Works, a paid internship program!  JUNIORS (Class of 2022) Only!

    What is Genesys Works?

    • A program to gain professional and business technology skills while gaining college credit during summer training (8 weeks - 5 days a week - 4 hours a day)!
    • A paid internship where you could make $15,000 your senior year of high school at a 12-month internship at a major corporation like, Target, Medtronic, Cargill or 3M!
    • A support system where you receive post high school planning support and high school credit (2 credits) - can be used as your 5th class and you will be excused from school after 4th hour to go to your internship site.
    • Genesys Works Frequently Asked Questions
    • New this year, you can NOMINATE students here: Student NominationLink  
    • Interested students can apply now and attend one of two information sessions on January 20: 11:45 a.m. or 3:00 p.m. ( Zoom link will be shared via Schoology).

    For questions or additional information contact Genesys Works at GWTCRecruitment@genesysworks.org or Mrs. Mueller, SLPHS Career & College Coordinator, mueller.kara@slpschools.org

    Distance learning builds excellent skills for students

    • Persistence

    • Effective Time Management

    • Effective and Appropriate Communication

    • Technical Skills 

    • Reading and Writing Skills

    • Motivation and Independence

    • Stress Management

    • Self Advocacy

    • Displaying honesty, integrity and perseverance


    Naviance College, Career, and Life Readiness Live (CCLR) by Kaplan




     wk bk   FAFSA

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    *College is an educational institution providing higher education or specialized professional or vocational training 

    Success in the New Economy: video helps audiences understand that for success in the new economy, students will need applied technical skills, industry-recognized certifications, employability preparation, and rigorous general education preparation.


    What the Coronavirus Means for College Admissions and Your Application Process

    Questions &  Concerns? Reach out to your Grade Level Counselor and/or Mrs. Mueller the Career and College Coordinator mueller.kara@slpschools.org

    Colleges are:

    Prospective students:

    • Grading Policy Questions & Answers
    • Impact of COVID-19 on College Admission and Testing (updated weekly)
    • should reach out to colleges to learn specifically what their school is doing to accommodate applicants
    • should be checking a college's website, its application portal and their own email; if a student doesn't see activity, he or she can try calling the college.
    • actions matter because many colleges also consider demonstrated interest to be important in determining how likely a student is to enroll if admitted
    • Common App maintains an FAQ page for students affected by "natural disasters and other disruptions."