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Girls’ Nordic Ski Team competes at state

The St. Louis Park High School Girls Nordic Ski Team competed at the 2023 Nordic Ski State Championship Feb. 15-16. The team won the conference championship, placed second at sectionals, and ranked 13th at state with 252 points. This was a major accomplishment for the girls Nordic Ski Team, who are already gearing up for next year. 

Hanna Wilsey, junior and active athlete at St. Louis Park High School, grew up in Duluth where she first learned to ski. When she was in 7th grade, she was encouraged to join the Nordic Ski Team, which is now one of her favorite activities. For much of her life, skiing has been an opportunity for her to practice strength and confidence. She finished in 12th place with All-State honors. 

“I think one of the best things is getting to prove yourself every single race because you don't need to be the biggest person. You don't need to be the oldest. You don't need to have the best equipment and you can still be super successful out there,” said Wilsey.

Wilsey says Nordic skiing is a sport that many people can enjoy, as long as they are willing to work for it. This team worked on their skiing, which helped them to be better prepared for state. 
“We knew that this year could be something special and our coaches were telling us that, but obviously, we didn't know exactly the extent of that until we got to the section meet,” she continued. 

This experience was exhilarating, and she can’t wait for next year. Over the summer, she plans on training with teammates in Afton, Minnesota. They will practice going down slopes on rollerskis. Wilsey also noted how important this sport has become in her life. Over spring break, she will be touring colleges on the east coast where she hopes to find the right fit for her biology and ski interests.

The Girls Nordic Ski Team included Hanna Wilsey, Jersey Miller, Rachel Katzovitz, Addison Chenvert, Ayelel Meyen, Kaylee Crump, Modesty Manion and alternates Maren Wilsey and Ailish Fitzpatrick. This is a very talented and driven team, who expect to build on what they have learned and come back stronger next season.