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IB programme prepares middle school student for the future
8th grade student Adrienne Krill

Adrienne Krill, 8th grade student at St. Louis Park Middle School has learned a lot throughout the International Baccalaureate - Middle Year Programme (IB-MYP). This versatile education provides opportunities for students 11 to 16 to make practical connections between their studies and the real world.
During her 7th grade year, Adrienne was introduced to a unit called Changemakers: Past and present. Students were asked to explore a real world issue of injustice and discuss if the issue still exists today. Using argumentative logic, students made connections to support their stance and apply their thinking with their thoughts and beliefs. 
“It was a very real world connected project and felt like it was preparing me more for my life outside of school. Usually in schools you would learn about many things of the past, which we do, but being able to take action and immerse myself more in the current world felt so much more realistic and interesting,” shared Adrienne.
By engaging in the IB-MYP curriculum, Adrienne has developed her critical thinking skills, and she often finds herself looking for different perspectives. She is also using this ability to deepen her activism.
“I think I had a very one-sided mind before coming to this school and overtime with more perspective learning other than my own, I have expanded my mind and thinking strategy. It has made me realize how important it is to make sure you surround yourself at one point in your life with people of different races, gender's, sexual orientations and background, as well as how vital it is to look farther within questions you face in every day life.”
Adrienne continues to learn in school and enjoys projects related to current events. She is optimistic about leaping into topics that are important to her, and the skills she is learning are preparing her for her many career aspirations as a professional ballerina, community activist, or physical therapist. The skills she is learning through the IB programme will prepare her well for each of her endeavors.