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March 5 Presidential Primary Information for Families

St. Louis Park Public Schools is working hard to prepare for the March 5 presidential primary. Aquila, Lenox, St. Louis Park Middle School, and St. Louis Park High School are designated polling locations. Polling station hours are 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. St. Louis Park Public Schools encourages community members to take the time to make that important trip to the polls on Tuesday. Find your polling place. 

School leaders and local election officials are working closely to ensure our polling locations are as safe and organized as possible. As we all know, this event will undoubtedly bring some disruption to our school day. Please note that student drop-off and pick-up at polling locations may be slightly congested. We thank our families, students, and school staff for their understanding and flexibility as we accommodate the proceedings while minimizing the impact on our regular school activities. We extend special appreciation to our custodians for their efforts to prepare our sites and our school nutrition staff for accommodating slight adjustments to meal times.

St. Louis Park Public Schools is honored to serve a vital role in upholding the democratic process and fostering a sense of civic responsibility among our students and community members.