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Park High School Senior competes in State Math League Tournament

Jason Jensen is a senior at St. Louis Park High School. He loves math and science, and as top scorer in the Math Leagues, he is competing at the Minnesota State High School Mathematics League tournament on March 13. 

Math League is an academically rigorous activity for students who enjoy and excel in math. Students are often challenged to study math that may not be as commonly taught in high school curriculum, which better prepares them for tournaments. 

Jensen took a liking for math early on in his education, and committed to his middle school math club in 6th grade. For three years, he worked hard, studied and competed which prepared him for his next step with the high school Math League. 

“Math has always been my strong suite, so it really fits,” said Jensen. 

During tournaments students have four categories that include algebra, geometry, trigonometry and a miscellaneous selection. Typically, Jensen prefers topics in algebra and trigonometry, but he takes on any of the equations he gets. Students have 10-minutes to complete the problems which factor into the scoring. 

Much of Jensen’s involvement in Math League took place during the pandemic, and this is his first time being able to attend the state tournament. His years of dedication and ability to score highly and consistently at the previous tournaments has prepared him well for the state tournament.

“I am very excited. I am not really sure what to expect, but it is going to be interesting,” he continued. 

Even after the state tournament, Jensen will remain committed to math. It is no surprise that his favorite classes include a teacher’s assistant for calculus and engineering. Upon graduation, Jason plans to attend the University of Minnesota to pursue his interests in electrical engineering.