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Vice Chair Abdihakim Ibrahim recognized by the Minnesota School Boards Association

At the Minnesota School Boards Association's (MSBA) annual conference on Jan. 11, Abdihakim Ibrahim was recognized with the Leadership Development award.

This recognition is granted to school board members who successfully navigate through the comprehensive Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, and Phases IV workshops offered by the MSBA. These workshops, designed to cultivate effective leadership, cover a spectrum of essential skills crucial for the dynamic role of a school board member.

“School board members regularly spend many hours preparing for every single school board meeting. Completing all of the MSBA Phase workshops is a tremendous endeavor given all of the other school board responsibilities. Our school district benefits from having committed and knowledgeable school board members who are passionate about public education,” said Interim Superintendent Dr. Kate Maguire. 

Ibrahim is also a part of the Minnesota School Board Directors of Color and Indigenous Fellowship, which seeks to foster excellence in good governance, supporting effective leadership, and preparing school board members from diverse communities to champion high-quality public education.