• Welcome to the 21st Century Technology website. Here you will find links to help you utilize the equipment and troubleshoot. If you have any questions please contact Bill Stenross at stenross.william@slpschools.org or Nathan Tangen tangen.nathan@slpschools.org. We look forward to assisting teachers and parents with technology.

    All the Tech HOW-TOS for 21st Century Technology on Google Docs (Need your SLP Google Apps Login)
    SLP Teacher Created Technology Training Videos
    Projector System
    Einstruction (MOBI, Interwrite Workspace and CPS)
    SmartBoard (Hardware and Notebook Software)
    Wikispaces: Resources and Links for Teachers and Parents
    Blogspot: Blog with videos and notes on quick fixes and resources for 21st Century Technology
    How To Access all SLP Tech Resources (Need SLP Google Docs Login to Access)