Spelling Bee

  • As with all things this year, the annual St. Louis Park Middle School Spelling Bee is intended, but not guaranteed, to happen. David Burr, event organizer and teacher in the Language and Literature department, is hoping to host the first-round screening test after school on October 6 in the new Media Center classrooms, provided Covid restrictions allow that to happen. If Covid restrictions do not allow for gathering on October 6, there is a possibility that a screening test could happen virtually. More specific details will be provided as the event date approaches.

    The screening test is a written, multiple-choice test that helps determine the top spellers in each grade. Generally, the top ten scorers from 6th grade, the top five scorers from 7th grade, and the top five scorers from 8th grade are invited to attend the SLPMS Spelling Bee, which is scheduled to be held on November 16 at 7 p.m. in the Media Center classrooms (again, dependent upon Covid restrictions). The winner from this Bee may be invited to attend the Metro Area Bee held in March if one is held.

    Students will be able to get a Study Packet for the Screening Test from their Language and Literature teacher’s Schoology site starting the week of Sept. 14. Best of luck to all of our spellers!