Spelling Bee

  • Screening Test Results

    All students at St. Louis Park Middle School were invited to take a written screening test for the SLPMS Spelling Bee after school on October 8th, 2018. A make-up day was offered October 11th.  This 100-question test was a multiple-choice test where students had to choose the word that was spelled incorrectly from five choices.

    Top Spellers by Grade

    6th Grade:
    1. Adin Lindell
    2. Yasemin Lara Pillay, Jack Larson
    3. Teddy Rich
    4. Preston McGregor
    5. Owen Twedten
    6. Rayan Abdirahman, Luke Rowan
    7. Lokesh Kamineni
    8. Amran Mohamed, Mitsuki Oretga Crego
    9. Aliya Yousuf

    7th Grade:
    1. Arun Ferran-Sapatnekar
    2. Sarah Peterson
    3. Julia Lorenzen
    4. Maximo Dean
    5. Ray Turner
    6. Abby Daugherty
    7. Noah Gips
    8. E’nyah Miller
    9. Dash Zessman
    10. Billy Bryan
    11. Adam Rosvold

    8th Grade:
    1. Aaron Casey-Fix, Jayce Halverson
    2. Jacob Ignatowicz
    3. Alison Garland
    4. Kyla Plair
    5. Otto Fischbach
    6. Darren Persaud

    The next round, an oral bee, will be held at the Middle School on Monday, November 18, at 7 p.m. All are welcome to watch these fine spellers in action!


    2017 Spelling Bee photos: