Spelling Bee

  • Screening Test Results

    All students at St. Louis Park Middle School were invited to take an online screening test for the SLPMS Spelling Bee throughout the week of Oct. 5.  This 100-question test was a multiple-choice test where students had to choose the word that was spelled incorrectly from five choices.

    The Top Spellers Are:

    6th Grade
    1. Boluwatife Adeuga
    2. Tushar Ganesh
    3. Asha Ferran-Sapatnekar
    4. Lola Grimm
    5. Catherine Kotowski
    6. Tenzin Pedon
    7. Peyton Budda
    8. Imad Salam
    9. Rayna Kaufman
    10. Emma Onbasi
    11. June Zilka
    12. Adeline Berg
    13. Yusuf Yusuf
    14. Mohamed Mohamed
    15. Adrian Guasco-Avila
    16. Luther Burris
    17. Celia Slattengren
    18. Sadie Dveris
    19. Brooklynn Hollman

    *More than 10 6th Graders were invited to Round 2 due to the low number of 7th Grade entrants

    7th Grade
    1. Lokesh Kamineni
    2. Claire Patterson
    3. Jacob Erlandson

    *Only three 7th Grade students entered Round 1

    8th Grade
    1. Arun Ferran-Sapatnekar
    2. Alexandra Coronado
    3. Miliana Hoffman
    4. Bria Schneeberg, Charlotte Wiltse
    6. Aaliyah Husemann
    7. Annika Koch
    8. Adam Rosvold
    9. Ana Whorton
    10. Diviana Angulo Bunay

    The next round, an oral bee, MAY be held at the Middle School on Monday, November 16, at 7:00 P.M. if Covid restrictions allow.  We also may be able to do an online Bee provided by Scripps, the organization that runs the National Bee.  More details about Round 2 will be made available closer to the event date.