Administrative Cabinet

  • Astein Osei Astein Osei, Superintendent
    Phone: 952-928-6003 | Email: 

    The Superintendent leads our diverse team of teachers, administrators and support staff. In partnership with the School Board, community, parents and staff, he develops a vision and mission for the District, articulates that vision and brings it to fruition using effective short and long-term planning and evaluation techniques.
    Patricia Magnuson Patricia Magnuson, Director of Business Services
    Phone: 952-928-6009 | Email:
    The Director of Business Services serves as the Chief Financial Officer of St. Louis Park Public Schools. She directs the Finance Department service functions, including financial accounting and reporting, cash management, revenues and investments, management information systems support, accounts payable, payroll, and grant accounting. She assists the Superintendent with strategic management and decision processes, and compliance with state, and Federal regulations. She oversees the School Nutrition program, the transportation program, and the district's Building and Grounds, as well as the Risk Management program in the District.
     Tami Reynolds, Director of Student ServicesTami Reynolds
    Phone: 952-928-6068 | Email:
    The Director of Student Services oversees all of the District's special needs programs and works closely with the Curriculum and Instruction team to assure quality programs for students and quality staff development. She administers the special education program, directs the student assistance staff, psychologists, counselors, health services, and develops and monitors all state and federal IDEA grants. She is also the District's section 504 Coordinator and Homeless Liaison.

    Rick Kreyer Richard Kreyer, Director of Human Resources
    Phone: 952-928-6067 | Email:

    The Director of Human Resources provides leadership to the Superintendent and Board of Education on all employee matters for the District and works with administration, employees and union groups to create systems and policies that promote employee engagement and organizational effectiveness. Some of the human resource areas include the recruitment and retention of a high quality diverse workforce; effective and efficient employment procedures; competitive compensation and benefit systems; classification structures; performance management systems; policy compliance, EEOC, unemployment, workers compensation; negotiations and labor/employee matters.
    Patrick Duffy Dr. Patrick Duffy, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
    Phone: 952-928-6072 | Email:
    The Director of Curriculum and Instruction provides leadership and management in the areas of curriculum design and evaluation, instructional design and delivery, and digital learning.  The Director provides system level strategic leadership that in collaboration with building/program leaders results in instructional excellence and leads to racially unpredictable results through a consistent, rigorous and viable curriculum in all district schools.

    Patrice Howard Patrice Howard, Director of Community Education
    Phone: 952-928-6063 | Email:
    The Director of Community Education oversees all community education programs for the District including youth and adult enrichment activities, child care programs, the Early Childhood Family Education program, senior programs and adult basic education programs. The Director also oversees the District's Community Education Advisory Council. This citizens council meets monthly to make recommendations to the Director regarding community education programs. The Director also oversees the Facility Scheduler for the District including building rentals and leases.
    Sara Thompson Sara Thompson, APR, Director of Communications & Community Relations
    Phone: 952-928-6064 | Email:
    The Director of Communications and Community Relations works closely with the Superintendent and district administration to research, plan and execute strategic communications to educate and inform all target audiences. Specific responsibilities include: public relations, media relations, management of district website, writing and design of internal and external publications, campaign and initiative strategy and communications, and crisis communications. 
    Tom Marble Tom Marble, CETL, Director of Information Services
    Phone: 952-928-6030 | Email:
    The Director of Information Services oversees all technology and telecommunications operations. The Director oversees all technology support staff and the daily operations of technology and telecommunication services. The Director is responsible for developing the District's strategic technology planning. He is responsible for technology and telecommunications purchasing.

    Silvy Un Lafayette Dr. Silvy Un Lafayette, Director of Assessment, Research and Evaluation
    Phone: 952-928-6074 | Email:
    The Director of Assessment, Research and Evaluation provides leadership and oversees standardized instructional assessments, evaluation and data analysis for the District. She communicates achievement results to Board members, administrators, teachers and community members. In collaboration with administrators and teachers, she helps build an understanding of student performance as it relates to goal-setting, instructional planning and provides professional learning support for the use of data. She helps align assessments and evaluations with the District's strategic objective of closing the achievement gap.
    Freida Bailey Freida Bailey, Principal on Special Assignment
    Phone: 952-928-6062 | Email:
    As Principal on Special Assignment, Freida coordinates the development, implementation, and administration of policies and procedures to ensure compliance with Federal and State law, regulations, and rules regarding Title I, II, and III programs, and American Indian Education Aid. She also oversees the District's team of Multicultural Liaisons, the District's racial equity coaches, and professional developement opportunities for teachers and staff. 

    Andy Ewald Andy Ewald, Athletic Director 
    Phone: 952-928-6118 | Email:
    The Director of Athletics oversees total operation and strategic planning of the athletic program and related athletic facility operations for the district.  The Athletic Director supervises all activities that are governed by the Minnesota State High School League to assure the district’s compliance with their policies and procedures.
    Flower Krutina Flower Krutina, Executive Strategic Partner
    Phone: 952-928-6001 | Email:
    The Executive Strategic Partner manages the Office of the Superintendent by coordinating various functions and projects for the Superintendent, School Board members and Cabinet. She is the designated contact for application to Early Entrance to Kindergarten, Grade Acceleration and district policies. Flower started in the Superintendent’s Office in August of 2019.
    All of the school district administrators, with the exception of the Athletic Director and Director of Information Services are housed in the District Office, located at 6311 Wayzata Blvd in St. Louis Park. The Athletic Director and Director of Information Services office out of St. Louis Park High School at 6425 West 33rd Street.