Strategic Plan 2015-20

  • Strategic Plan 2015-2020

    Our Mission
    As a caring, diverse community with a tradition of putting its children first, we will ensure all students attain their highest level of achievement; prepare all students to contribute to society; offer high quality opportunities for lifelong learning; provide multiple pathways to excellence; challenge all learners to meet high standards; and provide a safe and nurturing environment that energizes and enhances the spirit.

    Mission Outcomes (formerly Strategic Objectives)
    • All students will achieve the knowledge, skills, passion and attitudes to meet or exceed rigorous academic standards, without demographically predictable results, in order to succeed in their future.
    • All students will voluntarily and continually contribute to society.
    • All community members will be involved in learning opportunities of interest to them that are: intellectually engaging, community enriching, physically energizing and enhance the spirit.


    STRATEGY #1: Teaching & Learning
    Grounded in our belief that all students can achieve our mission, we will continually evaluate and systemically implement student outcomes by aligning instruction, curriculum, and assessment in a culturally relevant manner.

    STRATEGY #2: Structures & Systems
    We will align our structures and systems to our core values and develop and support all employees in order to achieve our mission and mission outcomes.

    STRATEGY #3: Community Collaboration
    We will collaborate with our diverse communities authentically and systemically to build collective ownership and accountability to achieve our mission and mission outcomes in accordance with our core values.

    STRATEGY #4: Facilities
    We will ensure that our facilities are consistent with the needs of our learners and our community.

    Core Values
    We believe that...
    • Everyone has equal intrinsic worth.
    • We will enhance the healthy development of each learner by engaging and supporting families and communities.
    • High expectations challenge everyone to higher levels of achievement.
    • Through persistent effort in an equitable environment, everyone can achieve maximum performance.
    • Lifelong learning is essential to the individual’s quality of life and the vitality of the community.
    • Everyone has the capacity and responsibility to contribute to the well being of others.
    • Respect of self and others is fundamental for a strong, healthy community.
    • High quality education creates opportunities throughout an individual’s life.
    • Embracing individual differences enriches a community.
    • Hopes and dreams inspire and motivate people to invest in themselves and their community.

    Strategic Delimiters
    We will not...
    • Adopt any new program or service unless it is consistent with and contributes to our mission and is accomplished by effective implementation.
    • Accept any behavior or practice that is in conflict with our core values.
    • Allow past practice to limit the consideration of new ideas.