City-School Calendar

  • Calendar Cover For the first time ever, the St. Louis Park City-School calendar is being published electronically only, with no paper version. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic makes it difficult to project months in advance the conditions for various important dates, events, and programs. This electronic version allows the greatest flexibility for updating and providing the most current information.

    We know that many of you who reserve a spot on your refrigerator, bulletin board or wall for the annual calendar, this electronic version may be a disappointment. However, we believe this was the most responsible choice this year not only to provide the most updated, current information to users, but also to ensure money wasn't spent on a publication that was likely to be outdated almost as soon as it arrived in mailboxes.

    If you prefer a printed copy, the calendar was designed with simplicity in mind to allow it to be printed without draining your ink tank. We understand that not everyone has access to a computer or the internet in order to view this calendar. Those who are unable to access the calendar only may contact the city or the school district to receive printed information.

    We appreciate your understanding and hope you'll enjoy this year's city-school calendar. Best wishes for a safe and healthy year!

    Click here to download and print the 2020-21 City-School Calendar.