We Share Solar Initiative

  • We are very excited to be bringing an innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education program to our school called We Share Solar. Your child/children will be learning about how solar electricity works by building fully operational, stand-alone, solar systems called We Share Solar Suitcases. The suitcases built by St. Louis Park MIddle School Students will be will be deployed to the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Northwestern Kenya where students do not have access to electricity.

    We believe that your students will be inspired by this real-world knowledge and service-learning.  

    Although the We Share Solar Program has expanded nationally over the last five years, the St. Louis Park Middle School program will be the largest and most comprehensive program implemented to date. Consequently, we have agreed to collaborate with We Share Solar on a simple research project to help them understand student interaction and mindset around STEM learning through the We Share Solar Program.  This year at St. Louis Park MIddle School, every 8th Grade student will complete a pre- and post-program survey in school that will take about 15-20 minutes.  The surveys will be completely anonymous. The pre-program survey will be administered tomorrow, October 3, 2019.

    The research surveys have been designed in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley - Lawrence Hall of Science to better understand and support student engagement with STEM learning across 4 aspects: fascination, values, innovation and competency-belief.  Their work has been funded by the National Science Foundation. Through administration of these surveys we will contribute to this national research effort supporting student entry into STEM learning. 

    At St. Louis Park Middle School, we hope to inspire students through this innovative program that engages them in STEM learning and global citizenship.