Oriole Study Nest

  • Students may sign up to come into school Wednesday. Whether it’s for a change of location, improved internet, one-on-one help, or needing the structure we can provide at school, students need to confirm with a staff member about the time they’re coming in so that we can continue to keep track of who is in the building for safety purposes. If too many students sign up, we will need to stagger attendance, because we will be very strict with safety precautions. Breakfast and lunch will be free for any student who attends.
    Students can also sign up for office hours, set up a meeting time, or check teachers’ availability by using the Student Support App. If you follow this link, students can sign up directly for a help session with teachers! There are also opportunities to work with teachers in-person through small groups. This is the same app we used to schedule conferences.
    Transportation is available Wednesday. Transportation can be requested by filling out this form by NOON the school day before you want to come in. Bus stops are not neighborhood stops, but are ‘hub stops’ or central locations like schools or community centers. Families will receive final information about the route by the email submitted in the request.