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About St. Louis Park Public Schools

St. Louis Park Public Schools includes four elementary schools (Gr. K-5), one middle school (Gr. 6-8) and one high school (Gr. 9-12). The district provides educational opportunities for children ages 0-5 and their families through Early Learning programs and services provided by Community Education

St. Louis Park Public School has three neighborhood elementary schools -- Aquila, Peter Hobart, and Susan Lindgren -- that serve students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. Use this School Attendance Look-Up link to see which neighborhood elementary school your child will attend based on their primary address. Please note that a fourth K-5 elementary school, Park Spanish Immersion Elementary School, enrolls students throughout the district boundaries through a computer generated lottery.


Primary Years Programme

IB is an internationally recognized curriculum for teaching students that focuses on the whole child. 

St. Louis Park joins together with schools from across the world in the IB-PYP to create educational opportunities that prepare students to be independent learners, understand different cultures, embrace challenges of the 21st century, and thrive in a global society. 

Immersion Experience

Language Immersion is an approach to language instruction in which the learning activities are conducted in a partner language (Spanish). This means that the new language is the medium, as well as the object of instruction. Immersion classes follow the same curricula, and often use the same translated materials as those used in the non-immersion schools of their district. The ultimate goal of the language immersion classroom is content mastery and biliteracy in English and Spanish.

St. Louis Park Middle School

St. Louis Park High School