PowerSchool Setup Info

    • PowerSchool has implemented a new Single Sign-0n for Parents to access PowerSchool. This will allow parents with multiple students in the district to access their student(s) information with a single username and password. All parents will be able to create their own username and password whether they have one student in the district or multiple students. You will also be able to create individual logins for each parent or guardian. The system will be able to email you a forgotten password to an email address that you designate.
    • You need to receive an initial access ID and password for each student in order to create your login. The child's school will provide you with these access ID's and passwords.
    If you have not received an initial access ID and password, contact your child's school.

    Middle School: 952-928-6300
    High School: 952-928-6100

    • When creating your User Name and Password, you can not use special characters ( ' \ & ` - $ # @ %)
    • When entering the student Access ID and Access Password, please note that both are case sensitive.
    If you have reviewed the information and video above and are having difficulty creating your initial account, contact PowerSchool Administrator -Theresa Zangel at: 952-928-6153 . You will be asked to provide the initial access ID and access password you received in your letter from your child's school.