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Message from Principal Pollock

SLP Read$ Final Update

Wow - our school community raised $32,500, and money is still trickling in! This money will directly benefit each of your children in many different ways. Thank you so much for all for all your hard work and for all of the wonderful reading that took place!

Girls on The Run

Way to go to all of the girls that were part of this awesome group! They had their final run at MOA on a very cold and snowy morning. Thank you to all of the families and parents that supported this group in many ways. A Big Thank you to all of the coaches: Kelsey Rohde, Jodi Stefonowicz, Lisa Jergenson, Kristi Kolste Knudson, Stephanie Deutsch, Ingrid Culp, Molly Gage and Carrie Mielke. I would also like to thank running buddies Angie Swan and Sally Goddard as well as cheering squad Ila Saxena and Joe Thomas.

Feeling Proud and Thankful!

As principal, I have been so proud of how the adults in our building are working hard to create learning opportunities and a space for healthy dialogue. Our first priority is always to maintain a safe, caring, and respectful learning environment for each and every child, as well as for each family. Together, our community will continue to do wonderful things for our children. Thank you for your partnership as we work together to educate them.

During the next two months, we will celebrate many different holidays as families, cultures and religions. It is always a great time to reflect and be thankful for each other. I am thankful for my family, and all of you. I am a visual learner, so I have attached a few pictures that make me feel thankful!

Thank you for your support of our 489 wonderfully talented students and very dedicated, hardworking team. Together, we are a loving and supportive village for our amazing learners!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the families that celebrate! Enjoy time with family and friends!

Your Proud Partner in Learning,

Clarence Pollock