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Kiss and Ride: Morning Drop-off and Afternoon Pick-up Information

For Parent/Guardian(s) who use the 'Kiss and Ride' to DROP-OFF and/or PICK-UP students in the back of the building. Please note our Drop-Off and Pick-Up procedure is the same as last school year.
Please review the procedures below for morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up:
  • Drop-off and pick-up traffic should flow from west to east only (from the football field towards Wooddale Avenue). For your child's safety, do NOT leave your child in the back of the building if no PSI adult staff or safety patrol is present.
  • For MORNING drop-off, pull your car into the semi-circle (next to Central Clinic). Students, from 3 cars at a time, will be directed to disembark on the right side of their vehicle (only). AFTERNOON pick-up is available from 2:55-3:05 p.m. If you arrive after 3:05 p.m., your child will have been sent to the PSI main office to wait for your arrival.
  • When dropping off, please ensure your child is ready to exit your vehicle quickly upon pulling into the circle to expedite drop-off for all families. Students will be supervised by staff and safety patrols. where a safety patrol will be posted to greet them. After drop-off and/or pick-up, exit the semi-circle taking a RIGHT TURN ONLY (towards Wooddale) onto 35th Street.
  • Do not leave your vehicle unattended on 35th Street. If you need to park and come inside the school, please park in the large parking lot on the east side (behind the building) and enter through the doors by the cafeteria (door #21).
  • If your carpool is not ready to disembark, you'll be asked to pull forward to wait. Please pull in close to the curb so you're not blocking traffic.
  • For your child's safety, please do NOT pick-up OR drop-off on the north side of 35th Street.
  • If you are running late in the afternoon, and staff is no longer present, your child will have been sent to the school office to wait for you.

Click HERE for more details about Kiss & Ride (info was also mailed home in the teacher assignment mailing).