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St. Louis Park Students Actively Participate in Election Day

Students in St. Louis Park Public Schools actively participated in Election Day on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Grades 2-8 Participate in Kids Voting Program

Students in grades 2-8 at all four elementary schools and the middle school, participated in Kids Voting today. 2,259 ballots were cast in local, state, and national races. This is the fourth year that St. Louis Park Public Schools has participated in the Kids Voting program, in cooperation with the League of Women Voters.

Kids Voting USA is a nonpartisan, grassroots-driven voter education program committed to creating lifelong voting habits in children, increasing family communication about citizenship, and encouraging greater adult voter turnout.

Districtwide Results:

U.S. Senator

Amy Klobuchar        60.2%
Jim Newberger         17.9%
Dennis Schuller        11.1%
Paula Overby            10.6%

U.S. Senator Special Election

Tina Smith               49.6%
Karin Housley          31.6%
Sarah Wellington     9.9%
Jerry Trooien            8.7%

Governor & Lieutenant Governor

Tim Walz & Peggy Flanagan                      63.6%
Jeff Johnson & Donna Bergstrom             21.7%
Chris Wright & Judith Schwartzbacker     8.0%
Josh Welter & Mary O’Connor                   6.5%

U.S. Representative District 5

Ilhan Omar                67.5%
Jennifer Zielinski      32.4%

State Representative District 46A

Ryan Winkler        73.4%
Luke McCusker     26.5%

State Representative District 46B

Cheryl Youakim        57.8%
Melissa Moore          42.1%

Secretary of State

Steve Simon              53.4%
William Denney         28.2%
John Howe                 18.3%

State Auditor

Julie Blaha                43.2%
Michael Ford             30.5%
Pam Myhra                15.1%
Chris Dock                 11.0%

Attorney General

Keith Ellison             62.4%
Doug Wardlow          23.5%
Noah Johnson          14.0%

Hennepin County Commissioner District 3

Marion Green            54.5%
LaDonna Redmond  45.4%

Hennepin County Sheriff

Rich Stanek               55.4%
Dave Hutch                44.5%

Hennepin County Attorney

Michael Freeman      64.6%
Mark Haase               35.3%

High School Students Participate in Secretary of State’s “Students Vote” Program

St. Louis Park High School Students participated in the Secretary of State’s “Students Vote” statewide mock election program this fall. The program engages students in the election and provides an outlet for student voices to be heard.

On a single day in late October, every high school student travelled through Room C350 at the high school during their social studies class to participate in a mock election for Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Senate, and House of Representatives.

High Schoolers Serve as Student Election Judges
Minnesota Civic Youth piloted a new Student Election Judge Program this fall to encourage the participation of students in the election process. The City of St. Louis Park and St. Louis Park Public Schools partnered to recruit 16 students.Throughout St. Louis Park and in some precincts in Minneapolis, students actively served – some from 6 a.m.-10 p.m. These students were paid for their service and encouraged to continue active participation as election judges in the future. The work is directly aligned to career and college readiness as the students prepare for their futures.