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HOPE Speaks: Parents and Students Talking about Race and Racism

St. Louis Park Public Schools is excited to announce a new, free opportunity for parents, families, students and neighbors to talk about race and racism, called the HOPE Speaks Project. Parents and families of all races, and their children in grades 3-5, are invited to explore Honest, Open, Personal and Engaged (HOPE) conversations around race and racism. 

Join us for six Tuesdays, October 22 through December 3 from 6:30-8 p.m at Peter Hobart Elementary School. Those interested can register for HOPE Speaks at Questions can be directed to Class Instructor Meghan Malone at or Kristen Pehl at

What others are saying about HOPE Speaks: 

"The HOPE Speaks Project invites parents in on the tackling points of race and equity being cultivated in our school district. And by doing this, the message of race and equity spreads to homes and businesses. If enough people understand, enough people are talking, then enough people will be ready to enact change." - D. Sand

"HOPE Speaks allowed us to stumble through our reactions and have conversations surrounding information you gave us on racism, white privilege, & white fagility. Through those conversations, we were able to dig a bit deeper in work that can often be uncomfortable and messy." - J. Soles

"As a white woman, the number one thing I learned through HOPE Speaks is that dismantling racism is the work of white people, which I consider a hugely important and powerful idea. I also became more comfortable and courageous talking about white privilege with others -- family, firends, community members." - H. Meyer