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Students Participate in Kids Voting Program on Election Day

More than 2,200 ballots were cast by St. Louis Park Public Schools students in grades 2-8 on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019, as part of the Kids Voting program. 

Kids Voting is dedicated to educating Minnesota youth about the rights, responsibilities, and mechanics of participating in American democracy. Students voted for the same candidates and issues as adults.

According to research, communities that participate in Kids Voting projects have increased overall voter turnout by 3 to 5 percent.

The districtwide results for the Kids Voting program were as follows:

Jake Spano 1,266  59.24%
Yvette Baudelaire 871 40.76%
Council Member at Large A
Larry Kraft  949  45.56%
Deb Brinkman 683  32.79%
Steve Hallfin  451  21.65%
Council Member at Large B
Nadia Mohamed  1,523  71.57%
Joseph Israel  605  28.43%
School Board Member
Ken Morrison  1,220
Jessica Janoski  1,188
Heather Wilsey  1,186
C. Colin Cox  1,133
Laura McClendon  872
Jim Leuthner  599
Kari Ross  516
Jim Beneke  406