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School Board Approves 2020-2025 Strategic Plan for Racial Equity Transformation

The School Board unanimously approved the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan for Racial Equity Transformation at its Monday, March 8 meeting. Click here for more information.

The plan was conceived by a Core Planning Team that consisted of more than 35 stakeholders; including students, parents/guardians, teachers & staff, District and school leaders, and community members who worked together virtually from August 2020-January 2021 in a series of seven Zoom meetings to learn and grow in racial consciousness and competence to complete the strategic plan.

Elements of the 2020-2025 Strategic Plan include:

Mission Statement

St. Louis Park Public Schools sees, inspires, and empowers each learner to live their brilliance in an environment that centers student voice and experience to create racially equitable learning that energizes and enhances the spirit of our community.

Vision Statement

St. Louis Park Public Schools – Where students are seen and valued and become their best selves as racially conscious, globally minded contributors to society.

Core Values

We believe in:

  • The brilliance of ourselves and others. Everyone has the capacity and responsibility to foster the growth and brilliance of others.
  • Authentic community engagement. Engaging and supporting our employees, families, and communities will enhance the healthy development of each learner.
  • High expectations. Instilling and upholding high expectations empowers students and staff to higher levels of achievement.
  • Collective responsibility. Embodying the collective and urgent responsibility of anti-racist practices enriches a work and learning environment and community.
  • Persistent effort. Through persistent effort we will create anti-racist schools and academically successful learners.
  • Racial consciousness and cultural competence. Racial consciousness and cultural competence are essential to each person’s ability to be a catalyst for change.
  • Advocacy for equity. Everyone has equal intrinsic worth and we will advocate for the historically marginalized.

The Core Planning team identified the following five Areas of Focus that will each have Action Steps and Timelines attached to them:

  • Culturally Relevant Teaching & Learning
  • Equity Development
  • Family and Community Engagement
  • Students at the Center
  • Structures and Systems

The Core Planning Team suggested Action Steps and Timelines in each Area of Focus. District Administration will determine actions steps to achieve in each area annually. The Action Steps will be shared with the School Board at the start of each school year and an Annual Report of Progress will be completed at the end of each school year.